Ecowatt Nigeria Limited

Nigeria’s Foremost Eco-friendly Energy Producers and Managers

Now you can monitor your energy consumption and save cost

Energy Efficiency in corporate and commercial facilities

Nigeria's foremost eco-friendly energy producers and managers

Championing conscious Climate Action

Nigeria’s Foremost Eco-friendly Energy Producers and Managers.

We Go above & Beyond

Our goal is to be recognized as a company that facilitates massive savings in energy, and production costs for Individuals, Corporate entities, and Public organizations.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Ecowatt is an environmental friendly energy producer! Knowing that 60% of Nigerians don’t have access to electricity, Ecowatt is not only creating renewable technology, but...

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Energy Management

Energy Management

A Passion To Deliver... Ecowatt's consultants collaborate with utilities, government, investors, manufacturers, oil and gas companies, commercial...

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Energy Consultancy

Energy Consultancy

Ecowatt's environmental consulting services tackle the challenges of sustainability where it is being created in the operations of our...

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Energy Academy

Energy Academy

As active professionals with long lasting experience in the industry, we offer hands-on training courses and workshops for your individual needs, both at our training...

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Ecowatt Nigeria Limited is a solution provider for sustainable development. The focus is on affordable and clean energy development, energy management and climate change action.

Ecowatt Nigeria Limited combines the expertise of energy consultants, environmental managers, policy makers, industry leaders and academia to innovate and solve Nigeria’s most daring energy challenges.

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Our Products

At Ecowatt, our aim is to equip our clients with the latest technology available for producing clean and reliable renewable energy and achieving continuous improvement in energy and environmental performance. We achieve this by partnering with the world’s most advanced technology providers. We only provide products that we personally tested and that have proven to be high quality in Europe and the United States.

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Solar PV 150 Installation Tester

(Solar PV Tester)

Flow Meter

(Measures Gas, Water, steam, air and Diesel)

Fluke 1730 Energy Meter

(KWH, KW, KVA and all Power quality measurement)

Thermal Imager

Heat sensing

Earth Resistance Meter

Earthing Tester

Infrared Thermometer

(Surface Temperature Measurement)

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Detects ultrasonic sounds

Other available equipment for lease

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Frequently Asked Questions

Batteries are not required for all solar systems but they are needed for power backup. Solar panels make power when they are exposed to sunlight, therefore, this means that you won’t have power (‘light’) at night from your solar power system without batteries. 

Solar panels are designed to last for 20 to 25 years depending on the type of solar panel used. 

Yes, a written report is given to the client upon the completion of the project. The report contains an executive summary and a table of findings that show important audit findings and recommendations.

Recommendations are given based on the objectives of the project. These and many more can be incorporated into your desired project objectives.

In situations where electricity from the grid is inaccessible, solar-powered electricity can bring light to the darkness.

Yes, the list of recommendations contains cost estimates and energy savings.