Food Concepts Plc. was looking for best approach to tackle their facilities high energy demand using the just one site as a case study. This energy audit was conducted in order to identify┬áthe company’s present operation status and determine low hanging fruits energy efficiency measures that can be implemented to reduce their daily operation energy demand.

Scope of the Project:

  • Detailing energy and cost savings opportunities in the facility.
  • Determine the facility energy and power demand as well as generator efficiency.
  • Develop energy baseline of the facility to define its energy performance indicator i.e kWh/production output.
  • Prepare the facility for ISO50001 EnMS certification.


  • Measurement carried out included electricity, air flow, ambient conditions, etc. using state of the art measurement equipment.
  • Electrical appliances inventory analyses
  • Interviews were conducted to identify and recommend energy conservation and efficiency measures as appropriate.
  • Data analysis and report development.
  • Implementation, installation and commissioning of a recommended major energy efficiency measure (Generator synchronisation).