Unilever embarked upon an effort to conduct energy and power demand assessment of their facility in Ikeja, to appropriately understand the consumption pattern of the site and give appropriate power generation scope.

Scope of the Project:

  • Determine the energy consumption per location to establish the appropriate billing allocation in the facility.
  • Know off peak and peak demands (power and energy)
  • Present graphs representing the consumption pattern of the facility
  • Report development and recommendation.


  • Capture electricity data for selected number of days
  • Capture data at interval of 10 minutes with 0.5% accuracy
  • Log real time energy uses from utility for entire site- Measurements of quantities and units like V, A, W, VA, VAr, kWh, kVArh, PF, CosΦ, Hz, °C, IFL, PST, PLT –
  • Plot load profile graph showing, peak, average, power factor, active power apparent power and baseload of the site.