Ecowatt Nigeria Limited was selected by Flour Mills of Nigeria to carry out a power quality assessment of their HV and LV panels.

Scope of the Project:

  • Power quality assessment and solutions for identified distribution system and electrical network
  • Thermography assessment
  • Load flow analysis and peak demand management
  • Earthing system integrity test
  • Prospective fault current assessment
  • Baseline comparison with past reports


  • Plant walkthrough, identification of measurement points, data collection – baseline report, etc.
  • Measurement and analysis of power quality parameters of each distribution panel including; voltage, current, frequency, PFC, Earthing system, N-E voltage elevation, harmonics for voltage, current up to the 50th order, Flicker measurements, Power factor, Displacement factor and Tangent, Neutral current, Crest Factor for V and I, K-factor for currents, V and I unbalance in %, Total Harmonic Distortion Factor, Inrush capture, Transients Recording, active, reactive and apparent power and energy per phase and their aggregate consumed and produced (export / import).
  • Data download and analysis.
  • Report submission, presentation & proposal of solutions to the identified issues.