HoneyWell FlourMill contacted Ecowatt Nigeria Limited to carry out a technical due diligence on energy audit and solar PV optimization feasibility studies at Ikoyi, Lagos.

Scope of the Project:

• Walkthrough inspection to determine requirements and work procedure for load logging exercise
• Log real time energy use on generator and utility
• Log power demand of LV- distribution system
• Establish load profile of the facility
• Presentation of audit result and recommendations


- To measure energy use and power demand in facility - To assess site for feasibility of solar PV - To conduct structural and shading analysis for solar PV - To design solar PV system for facility with possible integration of grid and existing diesel power generation. - To analyze resultant cost for proposed design options - To propose tariff structure for use of solar PV alone and solar PV, grid and diesel power generation Ecowatt carried out the necessary measurements and determined feasibility for a 60kWp solar sys-tem.