In collaboration with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), the GIZ-Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) supported the introduction of a pilot EEN for industries in Nigeria. Following a survey, six companies were selected to participate in the EEN. However, five companies participated throughout the network period. The companies were drawn from various sectoral groups as classified in the Nigerian Industrial Directory: BEL Papyrus Limited, Conserveria African Limited, Cormart Nigeria Limited, Nigerian Bottling Company Limited and Vitafoam Nigeria Plc.

Scope of the Project:

• Energy audit
• Energy measurement & verification
• Energy awareness
• Basic design of energy efficiency projects
• Project management
• Organization of workshops
• Writing of project reports and PR material


As a result of participating in the EEN, all five participating companies have introduced an energy policy, constituted an energy team or an EEN team, established an Energy Action Plan and have implemented a number of EE measures. This indicates a growing awareness and priority for EE in industry. A total of 55 energy efficiency opportunities were identified for implementation in the next three years, out of which 24 measures have already been implemented by the companies. The imple- mented measures could save 4,167,722 kWh of energy per annum and over 282 million Naira in annual energy cost, equivalent to 6% of the total energy costs of the baseline year 2015. The com- panies have so far invested 327 million Naira to achieve these results. Most of the energy efficiency measures have been implemented in the areas of compressed air and steam system (16 out of 24 measures). From an investment point of view, 15 of the total 24 energy efficiency measures can be classified as low-cost measure (below 2.5 million Naira invest- ment required). Similarly, 15 energy efficiency measure can be classified as “low-hanging-fruits” with a payback time of less than 1 year.