Kaduna State Government contacted Ecowatt Nigeria Limited with the purpose of reviewing the presented cost downward and strategically develop a holistic pathway toward upgrading and sustaining all public offices of the Kaduna State Government to meet their intended purposes.

Scope of the Project:

• Generator (functionality, service history etc)
• Inventory of Dedicated Transformer and distribution infrastructure,
• Generator, Meter, Distribution Box and UPS/Battery Inventory
• Inventory of any existing power generation systems such as Solar
• HVAC system (where existent)
• Building Efficiency (type of windows, angle etc)
• Energy Benchmarking
• Energy Use Profiles of each Office (cooling, heating, water, electronics and lighting)
• Assessment of Energy Wastage and Leakages
• Walkthrough Energy Audit (to also help in generator recommendation)
• Assessment of ambient light in offices (south facing walls unobstructed?)
• Assessment of security lighting within immediate environment.
• Review electric drawings provided


Objectives of Energy Needs Assessment - To carry out an assessment of power consumption and pattern - To confirm the capacity, number and state of generators installed - To make recommendations for immediate and long-term improvement in generation, distribution and use of power For uninterrupted power in the short-term, it is recommended that 53% of offices be interconnected to a central back-up power system (Class II), 27% to isolated back-up power (Class I) and 10% to solar systems. Generator ‘swaps’ are recommended for offices that will retain their isolated generator so that they can run more efficiently