Investment One approached Ecowatt for the design of a solar-PV-system for their data center at their headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Scope of the Project:

• Walkthrough audit
• Log real time energy use on the facility energy consumption
• Establish load profile of the facility
• After Installation support.


We carried out the project in two steps: 1) conducting an energy audit of the data center to establish the power use and demand baseline and 2) design and cost-benefit-calculation of the solar-PV-system. The daily average consumption was 60kWh at peak load of 4.92kVA. The client wanted to power the data center during daytime with the diesel generator sets (to cover for 12 hours/day) and during night time with solar PV (to cover for 12 hours/day). Weekends, only solar PV system is supposed to cover the whole demand. We proposed a 7.2kWp solar PV-system consisting of 48kWh battery bank and 7.5kVA inverter capacity.